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Signature Curl-by-Curl™ Cut

Sit back and relax while your curls are redefined using our unique Curl-by-Curl™ method, where each individual curl is cut in its dry state.

Ladies Who Scrunch

Need a fresh new curl set? We’ll have you in and out with beautiful curls – all on your lunch break.

Back To Your Roots

Time for a touch up? Our stylists can perfectly match your existing colour and make that regrowth a thing of the past.

Escape Roots

Pressed for time? Not a problem. We can easily work through the most visible parts of your style for a super-quick fix.


For curls that don’t need a full highlighting service, Enlightening is a beautiful way to enhance your style or to maintain your Curl-by-Curl™ colour.

Fully Enlightened

Make your curls really stand out with our personalised Curl-by-Curl™ colour service, the perfect complement to your Signature Curl Cut.

Olaplex Professional Service Treatment

Ask for this to be added to your colour or highlights to dramatically reduce breakage and make your colour last longer.

The only salon that understands curly hair.
New customers always come out with a smile on their face – finally someone gets it!


Please note: Timings include process times and may vary depending upon the length and thickness of your curls so if you are making travel arrangements, please allow for an over-run on your appointment. Please arrive with your hair down and in its natural, curly state, as tying it up will manipulate your curl.

Creative Director Artistic Director Stylist/Technician
Ladies Cut and Finish (120 minutes) £69.00 £62.00
Trim – Dry Curl Cut without Wash (30 minutes) £52.00 £47.00
Mens Cut and Finish (30 minutes) £46.50 £41.00
Ladies Who Scrunch (30 minutes) £41.00 £41.00 £41.00
Back to Your Roots (120 minutes) £52.00  £42.00
Escape Roots (105 minutes) £58.00  £48.00
Full Head Colour (135 minutes) £72.00  £53.00
Enlightened (150 minutes) £83.00  £57.00
Fully Enlightened (220 minutes) £150.00  £103.00
Olaplex Treatment (30 minutes) £50.00
Olaplex in Colour (30 minutes)  £50.00


We wanted to find a product that matched the ethos of Spring, working with naturally curly hair, using natural ingredients. The Trepadora Curl Therapy range ticked all the boxes, and we are proud to have this as our sole product range. The sulphate/silicone-free products are formulated with lush uplifting scents, made from pure essential oils and use airless packaging, to both maximise and protect the benefits of the naturally-derived vegan formulations.

Hibiscus Pink Cleansing Clay-Wash (200ml) £16

Coconut Almond Smoothing Conditioner (200ml) £16

Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner (200ml) £17

Açaí Berry Fix Defining Conditioner (200ml) £16

Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie (200ml) £19

Miracle Maca Moisture Balm (200ml) £17

Papaya Slip Taming Potion (200ml ) £16

Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir (100ml) £20

Curl & Shine Trio Gift Box (Hibiscus Pink Clay-Wash, Coconut Almond Conditioner, Papaya Slip Potion) £45

Hydrate & Define Trio Gift Box (Avocado Kokum Smoothie, Quinoa Repair Conditioner, Açaí Berry Conditioner) £49

Volume & Control Trio Gift Box (Coconut Almond Conditioner, Miracle Maca Moisture Balm, Papaya Slip Potion) £46