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The Spring journey started when Matthew began researching how to work with naturally curly hair and discovered Lorraine Massey.  He bought her book, ‘Curly Girl: The Handbook’, in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.  After making contact with Lorraine, in 2011 he flew to New York and became her protégé, with a desire to learn – really, properly learn – all he could about working with curly hair.

Whilst being trained by Lorraine he made the decision there and then to focus entirely on cutting curls – a leap of faith but absolutely the right decision. Matthew will be forever grateful to Lorraine.  In Matthew’s own words, “I have never been happier, Spring’s journey has only just begun…”

In 2018 Matthew became one of the 12 members of Schwarzkopf’s “The Collective”, a programme designed to support 12 of its rising stars who produce digital content exclusively for the brand.  Matthew is honoured to be part of this initiative and will spread the “curly word” among fellow professionals.

2018 saw the launch of  Curl by CurlTMcutting workshops at Spring, “It has been my aspiration and goal to become an educator.  I love the curly hair industry and want to give something back and inspire my fellow professionals and educate the younger generation coming through.  Together we will spread the curly love!”

I love the difference in my hair since I started the curly girl method, and I love being able to get my hair cut by someone who knows what he’s doing!

Heather, Birmingham

Matt, you do a remarkable job and the salon is lovely. Just keep on providing the service you do!

Simone, Northampton

I’ve been coming to Matt now for a number of years spanning four salons. I have stopped people in the street to tell them about Matt and Spring!

Louise, Birmingham


Spring was founded by Matthew James (formerly of Matthew James Hair) in November 2015. The salon is located on Corporation Street, part of the Birmingham conservation area, and is housed in Ruskin Chambers, a beautiful Victorian grade II listed building built in 1899. The salon is spread over two floors; signature Curl-by-Curl™ cut and finish on the ground floor and Curl-by-Curl™ colours on the lower ground floor colour studio.

Spring has established its status as the country’s first curly hair specific salon and the team continues to go from strength to strength, building upon the unique Curl-by-Curl™ cut and colour technique.

In 2018  the Spring Curl by CurlTM programme became an embedded part of our apprenticeship programme and was approved by Habia (The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority) who are the government approved standards setting board for hair and beauty and credits the standards that form the basis of all qualifications including NVQs, SVQs and Apprenticeships as well as Codes of Practice.

“The staff are experts in their field, they will transform your curly hair and how you feel about it. Try it once and you’ll be hooked, it is an enlightening experience.”


Matthew James
Matthew JamesFounder and Creative Director
Matthew James is already considered THE curl stylist in the UK. He was trained by and worked for Toni & Guy, Saks and Umberto Giannini and founded the company Matthew James Hair Ltd in 2010.
In 2011, Matthew developed an interest in working with naturally curly hair and travelled to New York to study and learn the techniques for cutting curly hair.
Since then, Matthew has continued to evolve and develop cutting techniques unique to curly hair and together with Danny has been pioneering new ways to apply colour to clients with curly hair, further developing the Curl-by-Curl™ method.

“I want clients to feel that they are getting a personal, individualised service that simply takes their own hair and makes it better – working with curly hair is true freedom, as each and every head of curls is so unique – I just follow the curl!”

Danny Law
Danny LawArtistic Director
Danny worked alongside Matthew for two years before the opening of Spring. During that time, they developed a complete service designed specifically for curly clients. Danny’s involvement has centred around colouring focussing on application methods, colour choice, maintenance and suitability. The result of this work has created a close, effective and very entertaining friendship between Matthew and Danny and has allowed the birth of a wonderful service for the curly girl (or boy). Danny heads up the ever expanding colour team at Spring.

“The future is certainly bright but it isn’t orange (pun intended!), it’s whatever colour you want it to be. Most importantly though, it’s curly”.

Reegan Rowe-Vincent
Reegan Rowe-VincentSenior Stylist/Colourist
Reegan worked alongside Matthew for 12 months before the opening of Spring. Reegan loves working with natural colours, especially the silver/grey spectrum, but equally loves big, bold colours. Having successfully completed Spring Curl by Curl™ cutting programme in 2017, Reegan rapidly gained her cutting client base and is a valued member of the team.

“Curly hair is a different form of hairdressing. It makes you think outside the box and you can get more creative. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than a brilliant curly finish.”

RosieSenior Colourist
Rosie has worked in the hairdressing industry for over 16 years and has worked at Toni & Guy London as part of their colour team. Rosie is a firm believer in the importance of education and keeping up to date with current trends, techniques and advances in hair care and has been involved with hair care brands such as Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal and Wella. Spring are pleased to welcome Rosie to its Curl by Curl™ colour team and are excited to see the wonderful work she will create.

“I am so pleased to be part of the Spring team.  I want to provide clients with the help and advice they need to make their hair dreams become a reality

Cece Abah
Cece AbahStylist
Cece completed Spring Curl by Curl™ cutting technique training programme under the tutorship of Matthew James and is rapidly gaining a reputation within the curly world. Cece has an ever expanding client base and Spring are proud to have her as part of the team.

“ I am so excited to be part of the Spring community and have the opportunity to be trained by Matt. I want to bring my individuality to the Team and create iconic, beautiful curls”.

Ellesha Nelson
Ellesha NelsonStylist/Colourist
We are proud of the hard work undertaken by Ellesha who has successfully completed both the Spring Curl by Curl™ cutting and colouring technique training programme. Ellesha is a key member of the team and her reputation is growing with our colour clients. Again, we are proud to have Ellesha as part of the Spring team.

“A client asked my why do I love working at Spring?  Well, that’s easy I said, I love how each client that comes into the salon has completely different curl patterns, no two people or curls are the same!  I love cutting curly hair, it allows me to express my own individuality and creativity.  There is no better feeling than seeing someone leave the salon completely in love with their curls and knowing that I helped to make that happen.”

Anika Thorhauer
Anika ThorhauerJunior Colourist/Assistant
Anika has been with Spring since January 2018, and is currently working towards her NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing. Anika is really interested in and fascinated by naturally curly hair and her passion lies within the colour spectrum. She is working closely with Danny and will shortly be completing Spring’s Curl by Curl™ colour technique training. Anika is always keen to exchange a few German words with you too!

“I am honoured and thankful to be a member of the passionate Spring team and to have the opportunity of being trained by Matthew.  Learning all about the wonderful diversity of natural curls will give me the tools to work with your beautiful curls.  I look forward to welcoming you to Spring and to be allowed to Scrunch Your Curls!”

Nathan Hewitt/Heblin Bonilla Sanchez
Nathan Hewitt/Heblin Bonilla SanchezAssistants
Spring welcomes two Spring “shoots” to the salon! What a fantastic team they are. Whatever your needs, Nathan and Heblin are at hand to assist. We are closely watching these two, definitely Spring “buds” on the way!!

“We are both so pleased to be working at Spring and can’t wait to start cutting Curl by Curl!”

Claire Corbett
Claire CorbettFront of House Manager
Our ethos is to offer a high level experience from the moment a client embarks on the Spring journey and start to fall in love with their curls.
Claire is an invaluable member of the team, ensuring that each customer is treated as an individual and is the first point of contact on that very special journey. And she is a curly girl too!!

“I so love my job! It is fantastic to be part of this very special community and work at Spring Hair. Having been a client at Spring I appreciate the ethos of the Team and want to ensure that we replicate this experience to all other curly girls.”